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Energy Saving Tips

Unplug battery chargers for cell phones, digital cameras, MP3s, power tools or other gadgets when they are not being used.

Shut down your computer and monitor when you're not using them.

Enable your computer's power down or sleep mode feature--screen savers don't save energy.

Plug bundled devices, such as a TV and DVD player or a computer, monitor and printer, into the same power strip. Then turn off the power strip when you're not using the devices.

Use a laptop instead of your desktop computer, if possible, because laptops use less energy.

Try to develop a new habit of turning off your TVs when you are not watching them.

Always turn off the TV you leave the room. Never leave it on while you're out of the house.

Consider an ENERGY STAR® model when purchasing your next TV, DVD or home theater system. Qualified products use less energy without sacrificing quality or performance.

Enable power management features on your monitor and computer in just a few minutes with EZ Wizard from ENERGY STAR®.