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Our Methodology

The graphic below shows Energy Forward electronics and appliances as compared with all electronics and appliances.

For electronics and appliances there are many levels of energy efficiency. Every ENERGY STAR® labeled product is very efficient, meaning it meets or beats a threshold of energy efficiency. If a product has an ENERGY STAR® and an Energy Forward label, it is among the Most Efficient available. A product in the TopTen means it is one of the ten most energy-efficient products in its category.

Methodology for Qualified Product Lists


To be labeled Energy Forward, a TV model must be found on the current ENERGY STAR Version 4.1 Qualifying Products List and must also meet the ENERGY STAR VERSION 5.1 On Mode Power Consumption requirements below:

Version 5.1: Effective May 1, 2012
Screen Area Maximum On Mode Power Consumption
(Area (A) expressed in in2
Maximum On Mode Power Consumption
(Area (A) expressed in cm2
A < 275 in2 (1774 cm2) Pmax = 0.130 * A + 5 Pmax = 0.020 * A + 5
275 <= A <= 1068 in2 (6890 cm2) Pmax = 0.084 * A + 18 Pmax = 0..013 * A + 5
A > 1068 in2 (6890 cm2) Pmax = 108 Pmax = 108

Pmax = maximum allowable On Mode power consumption
A = viewable screen area of the product, calculated by multiplying the viewable image width by the viewable image height

Note: To be Energy Forward, TVs are not required to meet the Download Acquisition Mode Requirements for ENERGY STAR VERSION 5.1. Models must have a diagonal screen size greater than 10 inches in order to be listed.